Factors Affecting Oil Palm Productivity in Surat Thani Province


  • orawan suebsen Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Surat Thani Rajabhat University, Surat Thani, Thailand




Keywords: Oil Palm, Productivity, Surat Thani, oil palm prices, sunshine, temperatures, relative humidity


This project is a study of factors affecting oil palm productivity in Surat Thani Province. The objectives were to study the relationship between factors including oil palm prices in Surat Thani Province, the average number of hours of sunshine in Surat Thani, average temperatures in Surat Thani Province, the relative humidity in Surat Thani Province, and oil palm productivity in Surat Thani Province, as well as the factors affecting oil palm productivity in Surat Thani Province. Collected secondary data for the study from January 2016 to December 2020, a total of 60 months, and used multiple regression analysis.The results showed that four independent variables related to oil palm productivity in Surat Thani province were oil palm prices gif.latex?(X{_{1}}), the average number of hours of sunshine gif.latex?(X{_{2}}), average temperatures gif.latex?(X{_{3}}), and relative humidity gif.latex?(X{_{4}}). That is, the average number of hours of sunshine gif.latex?(X{_{2}}) and average temperatures gif.latex?(X{_{3}})were in a positive direction, affecting oil palm productivity in Surat Thani Province, which increased with statistical significance at the 0.05 level, The oil palm prices gif.latex?(X{_{1}}) and relative humidity gif.latex?(X{_{4}}) were in a negative direction, affecting oil palm productivity in Surat Thani Province, which decreased with statistical significance at the 0.05 level and has the following form of the multiple regression equation:gif.latex?\hat{Y}&space;=&space;6159.536&space;-&space;30443.299X_{1}&space;+&space;2590.994&space;X_{2}+&space;19044.137&space;X_{3}&space;-&space;1461.518&space;X_{4} 


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