Publication Ethics

Roles and Responsibilities of Editors

The journal editors must review the manuscripts submitted for publication, examined the contents of the manuscript consistency to the purpose and scope of the SST-journal. The journal editors must evaluate the quality of reviewers reports of the manuscripts submitted before publication. The evaluation and acceptance procedure must be academic and scientific base and maintain the accuracy of manuscript as an academic work.

Each manuscript submitted for publication should be given unbiased, fairness and honest consideration by the editors. The editor must evaluate manuscript, without reference to the authors ' nationality, sex, religion, culture, politics or institutional affiliations. The editor’s decision to accept or reject must be based on novelty and originality of manuscripts as well as covering aim and scop of SST-Journal.

The editors shall not modify or change the manuscript contents and reviewer evaluation reports.

The editors must strictly follow the processes of the journal policy and procedures. Therefore, must respect the journal standards and ensure that all details contained in the submitted manuscript conform to the international ethical qualification, including SST-journal quality practices.


Roles and Responsibilities of Authors

The results reported in the manuscript must not have been published or accepted for publication in any other journal and must not be under consideration for publication anywhere else.

Authors must avoid of any plagiarism including reproduction of other published words, sentences, ideas, or findings as one’s own without proper acknowledgement. The authors must accurately be referred to or quoted when using the works and/or words of others. Authors should acknowledge ideas and results previously published by citing and mentioning them in the text and listing them in the references.

Authors must ensure that the ethical principles are precisely implemented in compliance with applicable regulations and law in the case of the use of animals, participants, or volunteers in the research reported in submitted manuscript (the consent must be obtained before data collection).

All potential conflicts of interest (competing interests) that could have a direct or indirect influence on the submitted manuscript must be disclosed by the authors. Financial conflicts of interest can be personal as well as institutional. The authors are responsible for disclosing all kind of financial and other conflicts of interest that might bias their research work.

Authors will transfer copyright to the journal prior to publication of their work. It is a condition of SST journal publication that manuscripts submitted have not been published and will not be concurrently submitted or published elsewhere.

Manuscripts must be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript. The author of whose name the article has been published must be the person contributing the article.


Roles and Responsibilities of Reviewers

The submitted manuscripts must be examined based on their academic merit and quality. The peer-review of a manuscript is a confidential process. therefore, reviewers must keep the whole process completely confidential.

Reviewers are advised to consider the following: results reported in the manuscript must be original and authentic work of the authors. Experiments and other analyses should meet the recognized technical standards and must be described systematically. Authors should present and interpret the results and conclusions in an appropriate and comprehensive manner, clearly explaining the results and outcomes of their study in the manuscript. The research manuscript must meet the highest applicable international standards of the ethics of experimentation and research integrity. The manuscript should be written in English in a clear, direct, and active style, free from grammatical errors and other linguistic inconsistencies. Reviewers must complete their reviews within the specified time period.