Description Logics for Fishery Time


  • Le Thi Bao Ngoc Faculty of Science and Technology, Kien Giang College of Education, Vietnam


Description logics, Temporal fishery representation, DLs for time


Controlling time in fisheries is executed by analyzing data which are picked up from investigated documents to make significant decisions. When data are big enough, time information of objects definitely become hard to represent to get knowledge quickly and temporal relationships have gone more difficult for observing. This article concentrate on introducing Description Logics (DLs) which is extended by rules as an appropriate knowledge representation formalism for managing fishery time. A DL knowledge base for fisheries is installed with relations between areas and creatures, creatures and catchers, catchers and time for catching, time and
opened areas, catchers and tools. To build this model, we use Protégé for illustrating an ontology of fisheries through data got from the document of Vietnamese mangrove fisheries. This document is published by Agriculture Institute of Vietnam in 2015 with statistics in detail. The research shows the way to represent fishery time by DLs.


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