GIS-based site analysis for selecting suitable sites of waste-to-energy plants in Pathumthani


  • Vivian Chullamon Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, Thammasat University (Rangsit campus), Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand
  • Wanwisa Skolpap Department of Chemical Engineering, Center of Clinical Engineering, School of Engineering, Thammasat University (Rangsit campus), Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand


Waste-to-energy power plant, Location suitability analysis, Pathumthani, GIS


In response to cumulative municipal waste problem in Pathumthani, a waste-to-energy electric power plant is selected as waste management approach. This study aims at assessing waste-to-energy power plant potential zones in Pathumthani using Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS data collection depends on all 12 factors considered in this study as follows: the distances from power plant site to communities, to industrial areas, to power lines, to power stations, to waterworks stations, to hospitals, to education institutes, to main water resources, to accessible roads, to railways, to airports and the risk of flooding. After multiple layers of information have been generated as a single map using GIS, the suitable power plant locations are defined on the basis of the
ordered weighted averaging (OWA) technique. Color-coded symbology is applied to the maps to differentiate suitable/unsuitable areas for power plant establishment. Considering proportions of suitable areas of each of the seven districts to the total area of the province, the most suitable district is Klong Luang, followed by Nongsua, Lamlukka, Ladlumkaew, Muang Pathumthani, Thanyaburi, and Samkok districts, respectively. This analysis approach should be further developed and applied to other areas.


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Chullamon, V. ., & Skolpap, W. . (2022). GIS-based site analysis for selecting suitable sites of waste-to-energy plants in Pathumthani. Suan Sunandha Science and Technology Journal, 7(2), 23–29. Retrieved from



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