Analysis and Design of Building’s Structural Members (Slabs and Beams) using Microsoft Excel and AUTOCAD Software: A Case Study of MARCGSO’ Building


  • Kilani Abiodun Joseph Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Science and Technology, Florida Campus, University of South Africa, South Africa
  • Dr. Engr. C.A. Fapohunda Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Federal University, Nigeria
  • Prof. Engr. O. Seun Oladejo Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria
  • Dr. Engr. ADETAYO Oluwaseun Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Federal University, Nigeria
  • Famodimu Babatunde Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Federal University, Nigeria



Microsoft Excel, Structural analysis, Design code, Design error


The frequent collapse of concrete structures (Buildings, Bridges and Culverts) these days in the global construction industries has led to claiming of many innocent lives. From the literature perspective, the observed major causes of this failure are the errors developed from the programmed structural software; the method used in running the software, its usage error during the analysis and design of structural members; and possibly, error committed by unskill personnel while using the structural software. Allowing the continuity of these errors in the construction industries will cause greater damages to lives and properties globally, thus; a more accurate and reliable design software has to be developed to eradicate errors occurrence in structural design. The results of this investigation proved that Microsoft Excel sheet is accurate for structural members’ analysis and design; good for accurate calculation in designing, it can be access quick; so reliable, and error free. Its application in construction industries will bring accuracy and stability to designed structures, and more lives will be saved. As a case study, the architectural plans of Maryland Catholic Grammar School, Ogbomoso (MARCGSO)’s principal lodge building was used as a prototype to show how efficient is Microsoft Excel in structural analysis. At MARCGSO, this has been tested and found reliable. During the investigation, the structural details of the designed concrete structural members were carried out using AUTOCAD software. Analysis and design of members were carried out from the basic principle of structural design using BS 8110 part 1:1999. The result shows that, Microsoft Excel and BS 8110 part 1:1999 code are the best design tools needed for analysis and design of structural members. It is very fast, accurate and error free. Also, the output of analysis carried out using Microsoft Excel are traceable, amendable and reliable, thus, its application in designing will prevent sudden structural failure. Likewise, it is very easy for young and structural engineers to operate, thus, its application can be done by: open a fresh Microsoft Excel sheet, get BS 8110 part 1:1999 code of structural design, prepare a general arrangement of architectural plan of structure to design, then follow the step by step of designing stated in this study. It required no application download or software purchase. In conclusion, the use of Microsoft Excel in structural analysis and designing will save many lives and prevent sudden collapse of structures resulting from wrong code or software error.


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