Duties of Author

1. The author must certify that the submitted work is new and has never been published anywhere else.

2. The author must report the facts arising from the research. Do not misrepresent information or provide false information.

3. The author is responsible for the copyright of the original in all cases.

4.The authors must cite the research of others. If these works are presented for use in their own work, they must be referenced. and make a reference at the end of the article.

5. The authors whose names appear in every article must be involved in conducting actual research and agreed to submit an article from the co-authors. (if any)

6. The author must write the research article correctly according to the format specified by the journal and must ensure that every detail in the research article to be published in the journal is correct. and be sure that every detail in the research paper to be published in the journal is correct and in accordance with accepted ethical principles.

Duties of Editors

1. Journal editors are responsible for reviewing the quality of articles. and check every article submitted for publication with the journal.

2. Journal editors are required to review articles for redundancy. Or copying other people's work (Plagiarism) using a credible program. If you check the article Duplicate or plagiarism of editorial work must stop the evaluation process. and immediately contact the main author for clarifications to support the “acceptance” or “rejection” publication of that article.

3. Journal editors are required to decide on an article for publication after an article evaluation process by considering the content of the article in accordance with the goals and objectives of the journal and Scope of the journal.

4. Journal editors must not publish articles previously published elsewhere.

5. Journal editors must not reject the publication of an article because of doubt or uncertainty about the article Editors must use academic justification to review articles at all times without bias towards the article and author.

6. Journal editors must not benefit the authors, evaluators, and management team. Editors must strictly observe the journal's procedures and procedures transparent.

7. Journal editors must not disclose author and evaluator information to other unrelated parties at the time of article evaluation.

Duties of Reviewers

1. Article evaluators must not disclose some or all of the information submitted for review. to other unrelated persons during the assessment process.

2. Article evaluators must take into account the quality of the article. Consider articles under academic principles and rationale without bias or subjective opinion.

3. Article evaluators must not take advantage of the academic work that they have assessed. and when realizing that he or she may have conflicts of interest with the authors such as being a project participant or know the author personally Article evaluators should notify the journal editor and reject the evaluation of the article.

4. Article evaluators should evaluate articles in their area of ​​expertise. Have a real understanding of the content of the academic work being assessed.

5. The review article reviewer found that the reviewed article was a plagiarism of other works. The assessor must notify the journal editor immediately.

6. Article evaluators must maintain the evaluation period in accordance with the evaluation time frame set by the journal.