Design and Development of Protective Equipment from Noise and Dust of Circular Saws



  • Yothin Ponprathom Occupational Health and Safety Program, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajaphat University


       The purpose of this research was to design and develop protective devices against noise and dust for circular saws. The design and development were carried out twice, and the efficiency in reducing noise and dust was measured by measuring instruments. The results showed that in the first design using sound-absorbing material was compressed sponge, the average noise level (NL) before installing the device, the average NL was 91.9 dB(A), after installing the device, the average NL was 87.4 dB(A). The NL can be reduced by 4.5 dB(A). For the total dust (TD) analysis results, before installing the device, the TD content was 0.0409 mg/m3, and after installing the device, the TD content was 0.0304 mg/m3. The TD content was reduced by 0.0105 mg/m3. In the second, the design using sound-absorbing material was glass wool insulation, the average NL before installing the device was 92 dB(A), after installing the device, the average NL was 81 dB(A). The NL can be reduced by 11 dB(A). For the TD content, before installing the device, the TD content was 0.8333 mg/m3, and after installing the device, the TD content was 0.5243 mg/m3. The TD content was reduced by 0.3090 mg/m3.  


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