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Published: 13-12-2022

The Development a Vintage Clothing Style from Ebony Dyed Silk

Waraporn Banlengloi, Parasa Sangpokeaw, Siriwimon Ngamsomchat


Designing and sewing special occasion dresses with Patchwork from Juan Tani fabrics

Waraporn Banlengloi, Mafusoh Buenae, Orathai Muzayee, Kanyarat senadee


The Prototype of Early Childhood Toys with Native Fabrics

Thanika Hutakamol, Singha Pattarasansophon, Sawaphat Chaodonkoon, Wasita Takiento


Product development of banana rope woven baskets

Vinai Taravet, Sermsri Songneam, Nopparat Phetdam, Wannapa Rojsuvanichakorn


Educational board games to promote environmental conservation behaviors of kindergarten 2

Nattida Rattanabowornsatith, Wanitcha Sittipon, Kittima Boonyos


Effect of Lotus Root Powder on Physical, Chemical and Sensory Quality of Milk Ice Cream

Paponpat Pattarathitiwat, Itsaraphap Kaewpangchan, Itsaraphap Kaewpangchan, Pilairuk Intipunya


Effect of partial substitution of fat with avocado on the physical and sensory properties of butter cookies

Apidech pongprajak, Nawaphat Jaipet, Rueagrit Thongtha, Pornpachen Chuchird